Think-Film Impact Production is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration on impact with the Locarno Film Festival for its 2022 edition. 

The partnership aims to bring a new dynamic to the festival by showcasing the value that impact adds to film lifecycles from development to distribution.

Think-Film Impact Production is a market-leading impact company with specialist expertise at the cutting-edge intersection of film and social change. Co-pioneers with Cannes Marche du Film of Cannes impACT in 2021, the company has an established reputation for innovation and delivering meaningful, measurable impact outcomes.

Danielle Turkov Wilson, Think-Film Impact Production Founder and CEO, said:

“With impact increasing in importance for both filmmakers and audiences, Think-Film is excited to work with Locarno Film Festival to unlock the power and influence of impact in the film industry and drive forward more meaningful storytelling.”

Locarno Film Festival’s Chief Innovation Officer Simona Gamba said:

“In the context of the film industry and festivals so different from the past, our most urgent challenge is to continue to maintain our role as a beacon of culture to improve society and its sustainable best practices. Forging strategic and lasting partnerships with organizations that share our same sustainability principles is a priority for the Locarno Film Festival. We’re thrilled to be working with Think-Film Impact Production to deliver impact across the Locarno 365 vision.”

This integration of impact across Locarno’s festival components is a significant step forward in integrating impact as a value-add for the film industry both artistically and commercially.


Press Contact: Locarno  // Danielle Turkov Wilson



Think-Film Impact Production is a unique European and global social impact company that harnesses the power of visual storytelling to drive forward political and social change. Winner of the ‘World in 2050 Innovation Olympics, Artistic Visions Category’, Think-Film has a proven track record in bringing compelling stories to people in positions of power, connecting with national, regional and international policy agendas in dynamic new ways and driving forward concrete decisions, commitments and outcomes that bring measurable, lasting change to global situations.

Think-Film impact campaigns have, among other achievements, advocated for Syria peace-building through platforming heroic medical leader Dr. Amani with international human rights prizes (Oscar-nominated “The Cave” National Geographic 2019), accelerated European chemicals protection to a full PFAS ban (“Dark Waters” Participant Media 2020), changed the European conversation on artificial intelligence to a human-centred approach (“iHUMAN” 2019) and removed toxic solvents from Apple’s smartphone production (“Complicit” 2015).

Think-Film’s current slate includes The Territory (National Geographic, 2022), Beyond Day Zero (Feature, in production), Devi (Documentary, in production), Munkination : A Second Chance (Multiformat, in development).

The Locarno Film Festival is one of the most relevant film festivals worldwide held annually over eleven days in Locarno, Switzerland, and presents an international selection of feature films and short films screened in different cinemas around the city and on the Piazza Grande. Since its foundation in 1946, the Festival has emerged as a festival of discovery, a characteristic that over the years has allowed young talents to take their first steps in the audiovisual landscape and then, in many cases, to write the history of cinema, such as Spike Lee and BI Gian. In 2021 the Locarno Film Festival presented its first Sustainability Report, highlighting practices favouring the local and regional economy as well as the environment and the new generations.