Impact Roundup March – April 2022 : Coming To A Festival Near You

The last couple of months have felt normal and yet not, as we’ve pressed ahead with projects and activities while supporting our colleague Cliff Wilson to run a vital humanitarian mission in Ukraine. Here is a recap of what we’ve been up to:


We had the pleasure to work with the wonderful team of Geneva’s FIFDH again this year and were delighted to present Ukrainian documentary “Peace for Nina” with the Impact Days Award. The film has received so much support already in its mission to empower war crime evidence-gathering and prosecution and will feature at Cannes Marché du Film in the coming weeks. 

Also building on last year, Amy travelled to Sweden to lead an interactive impact strategy workshop at Tempo Documentary Festival, and joined Movies That Matter in The Netherlands to give a keynote speech on the market value of socio-political impact. Danielle additionally gave the Movies That Matter Impact Lab a masterclass to inform and inspire them in developing impact strategies; we wish all the participating projects to both festivals good luck in their next steps.

Finally, concluding a busy chapter of travel, Amy, Danielle and Yik Kei were at CPH:DOX, where Danielle joined two panel discussions to share insights into how embedding impact thinking helps films succeed and provide practical advice to projects on new ways to engage audiences with climate storytelling. 



In the same month that Devi Khadka submitted a petition to the Nepal parliament demanding justice and reparations for sexual violence, her testimony was included in the UN Digital Book of Voices of Survivors of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, bringing her story and the wider context of Nepalese women to international attention. These are massively important steps, but also only just the beginning of Devi’s impact journey.

The Territory

In the framework of the film’s European premiere at CPH:DOX, the Brazilian film community were invited to a closed-doors meeting convened by the Danish Ministry of Environment in coordination with WWF. Bitate, Txai, Tenguy, Neidinha and Gabriel impressed upon the group of around 30 government, business and civil society representatives the importance of solidarity with their communities, and need for electoral observation, end-to-end supply chain investigation and tying regulation and trade to both land and human rights protection. 

The film continues to be screened at festivals worldwide. A private London screening, convened by Doc Society and Think-Film, also helped us recently build relationships with key UK-based stakeholders, opening new doors for the film’s UK and European impact journey.


We have had so many new project conversations lately! This month we’re thrilled to announce three new partnerships with upcoming documentaries that we know are going to make waves:

Jump Out : In a post-COVID Nairobi when all schools are closed, Pro (9) and his friends roam their neighbourhood, dreaming about their futures as their acrobat mentor Steve shows them a larger world of possibilities.

Ella’s Riot : Norwegian Sámi pop-electronica singer, and Sámi and environmental activist Ella Marie Haetta Isaksen takes a life-changing journey as she searches for her identity musically, professionally and personally. When the Norwegian government greenlights a mining project which is threatening to destroy parts of Ella’s ancestral land, she fights with all means necessary to protect her territory, her people’s heart.


In a matter of weeks we will be back in Cannes, expanding our work with Marché du Film and the impACT programme, now in its second year. We have keynotes, panels, parties – it’s all planned so let us know if you’ll be there; we would love to see you 🙂


We’re so proud of Think-Film’s own Cliff Wilson as he has taken on an extended mission to deliver aid to and evacuate the most vulnerable from Ukraine amidst the ongoing attack.

Thanks to media features including BBC and the Independent, several experienced drivers came forward to assist Cliff and gave generously of their time to be part of the mission. We’re so thankful for their contributions. The ‘Bus for Peace’ has now rescued over 400 women, children and babes-in-arms, funded solely by the team and community donations.

There are still many who need safe passage out of Ukraine and we still need more funds to cover fuel and humanitarian supplies as well as bus purchases. If you wish to help, please donate here.


And that’s all! As always, keep up to date with our impact journey on Twitter and Instagram @thinkfilmimpact. We encourage you all to #thinkimpact