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EU Deforestation Regulation Protects Indigenous Rights

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EU Announces New Russia Sanctions

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Dark Waters

70+ Multinationals End Toxic PFAS Chemical Use

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Humanitarian Dr. Amani Ballour Positioned as International Advocate

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New Human-Centred AI Policies

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Reflecting on the joyous Docs-in-Progress Awards Ceremony with Pierre-Alexis Chevit. Huge thanks to our jury & partners for their contributions. Read more ➡️

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@IEFTA_Org @AljazeeraDoc @Chiledoc2 @FilmPalestine @FilmMktg @docsbythesea 🌟 Congratulations to Imam Hasanov and his work 𝗗𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗠𝗘𝗥𝗦 from the #CIRCLE showcase for winning the @thinkfilmimpact Award!

Where is the truth? Democracy on the Brink

⭐️@mstyslavchernov, director @20DaysMariupol
⭐️@VHopeful, director Invisible Nation
⭐️ @tonygerber_, director @WarGameFilm
⭐️@SigridDyekjaer, producer Democracy Noir
⭐️ Victoria Harwood Kapadia, director One ...World or None


💡Our second panel “ASK the audience: Building a Socially Responsible Creative Economy” has just begun!

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#impact has hit the Plage, with hard-hitting truths about the changes the industry needs to make to best represent our global society

#ThinkImpact #Cannes2024 #MarcheDuFilm #MDF2024

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