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Our films and projects have impact campaigns as their beating heart. These drive audiences to watch and mobilise lasting tangible social improvements which generate local and global value for both art and people.


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With high-profile events in Brussels, New York and Venice, Think-Film brought a spotlight to and galvanised immense political and public support for Navalny, imprisoned while challenging Putin everyday.

Our impact campaign echoed his fearlessness, encouraging international conversations and action that drove home the importance of free speech and a free press to counter authoritariansim and uphold democracy.


The Territory

Our European and international campaign championed the Uru-eu-wau-wau, provided recognition to and added layers of support for all Indigenous people and drove forward their call for stronger, more ambitious laws and policies that not only protects forests but also the communities that depend on them.

The Territory's impact campaign successfully placed Indigenous rights in a new EU law against deforestation, amplifying the voice of and helped ensure protection for the Uru-eu-wau-wau and many other Indigenous communities


The Son

As youth mental health is at a crisis point, Think-Film's impact campaign for Florian Zeller's The Son demonstrated film and culture's pivotal contribution to progress good mental health practices and ignite honest conversations around mental health amongst peers, friends and family.

With high-powered screenings in London and Brussels, The Son spotlighted the rising rates of youth depression and advocated for Social-Emotional Learning in our education curriculum to give young people the tools and resources to manage complex emotions and needs.


Dark Waters

Dark Waters created a unique moment of opportunity to substantially increase and elevate UK and European public discourse on PFAS .

With the added power of Mark Ruffalo, Rob Bilott and Todd Haynes’ presence in the UK and EU, we brought the message of environmentalism to new audiences, rallied audiences to activism and galvanised collective activism to ban "forever chemicals" manufacture and use.

#foreverchemicals #NoToPFAS

Io Capitano

Awarded the first-ever Venice Film Festival Collateral Impact Award, IO CAPITANO's challenged dehumanising narratives around migrants and is a rallying call for compassionate migration policies that prioritises migrant's rights, safety and wellbeing.

With a wide-reaching social media campaign and UK House of Lords event, IO CAPITANO engaged policymakers, mobilised civil society and onboarded high-profile support and media attention ahead of the film's theatrical release.


Our Forests

Inspired by the work of five leaders representing the world's five great forests, our impact mission focused on increasing corporate responsibility in forest areas, and addressing imported deforestation and top-down protection of rights of Indigenous and local communities.

Our Forest's social media campaign and European Parliament event engaged with policymakers on the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) and ensure the final text obliges companies to consult forest guardians in their operations.

#OurForests #OurResponsibility

Hacking Hate

Investigative reporter My Vingren goes undercover to infiltrate white supremacist movements online. Tracking neo-Nazi influencers, she unveils how social media platforms amplify and profit from hate, and examines the threat this poses to democracy worldwide.

The "Hacking Hate" impact campaign can combat hate speech and hold social media companies accountable in blocking and removing hateful content and profiles effectively.

I Am the River, The River is Me

A simple journey along the Whanganui River in New Zealand, led by a Maori elder, becomes a call to action to draw closer to nature and fight climate change through a fundamental value shift.

To address climate change effectively, we need to humble ourselves and transform our relationship with nature.

Invisible Nation

Inspired by Taiwan's first female president, Tsai Ing-Wen, and her persistent fight for peace and democracy, Invisible Nation champions and amplifies her voice and the voices of Taiwan's people.

The impact campaign will invite audiences to discover anew Taiwan’s unique culture, heritage and identity, while strategically positioning Taiwan as a valuable partner and ally in global arenas.


Based on the true story of Samia Yusuf Omar, SAMIA is an inspiring story of courage, persistence and strength to achieve her Olympic dream.

In defiance of war and extremism, young Somali athlete Samia sprints boldly towards her future, and becomes a symbol of strength and determination for women and refugees everywhere.

My Name is Happy

With a International Women's Day screening at the European Parliament, My Name is Happy's impact campaign championed Mutlu Kaya as an international women's rights activist and amplified her voice and the situation of women in Turkey in the fight against femicide and for justice and equality.

We provided a high-level opportunity for Mutlu to address European policymakers, and generated valuable connections to continue Mutlu and her film's impact campaign in Turkey including UN Women and the EU Delegation in Turkey.


The Cave

Heroic protagonist Dr. Amani was honoured by multiple international Human Rights awards which secured her freedom and championed her to continue to work and advocate for Syrian women and children.

#StandWithDrAmani and donate to the Al Amal Fund to support medical workers in conflict zones


Together with powerful political figures, this thriller documentary from the inside of the A.I. frontlines has changed the conversation on the future of this digital technology from ethics to human-centred laws and regulation.

We cultivated a strong network of partners, including Paul Nemitz (Principal Advisor, DG Justice European Commission) and Julie Brill (VP, Microsoft), added valuable narrative content, and organised pre-release festival appearances at Cannes, where the film secured distribution. approach to the AI creation and use.

Who I Am Not

Almost 2% of the world’s population are born with intersex traits, yet in identity discourse intersex is often misunderstood, misrepresented and forgotten - the invisible “I”. With this taboo-breaking film, we aim to make intersex visible and empower a world in which we can all freely and safely live as our true, authentic selves.

High-level screenings in EuroPride Valleta 2023 and South Africa enabled the protagonists to directly engage with relevant policymakers including the European Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli and the South African Department of Education and call for intersex inclusive policies.


The Recovery Channel

Melding fact and fiction, The Recovery Channel kickstarts a new dialogue on the need for better and more standardised guidelines for good mental health reporting, storytelling and media coverage, while advancing calls for a human-rights-based approach to mental health care treatment.

Our impact campaign spotlighted the WHO and OHCHR's guidance for mental health and human rights legislationand, with a impact screening in Geneva, enabled Director Ellen Ugelstad to engage directly with issue stakeholders and Norway's Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, launching The Recovery Channels international impact campaign.

Holy Shit

This ground-breaking new film, following Director Rubén Abruña on a globe-trotting journey to uncover the hidden potential of human poo, will inform a generation about how our poo and pee can solve pressing climate challenges, and urge decision-makers to commit to using human excreta as fertiliser.

Through extensive outreach, we introduced Holy Shit to relevant experts, organisations and businesses, including the World Toilet Organisation, and secured a feature at Food Tank's official SX:SW side event, presenting the film for the first time in the U.S to an audience of filmmakers, activists and food industry leaders.

Bayo Bayo Baby

Inspired by protagonist and women's rights activist Aminata, Bayo Bayo Baby's impact campaign aims support her dream of setting up a surf school in Freetown, Sierra Leone, providing a safe space for young girls to learn, tke back their own power and reach their full potential.

Our impact campaign has resonated and garnered the support of UNICEF, UN Women and Sierra Leone's Minister for Gender at a work-in-progress screening in Sierra Leone organised by Think-Film and the EU Delegation to Sierra Leone.

Into the weeds

With Dewayne "Lee" Johnson's emotionally compelling personal battle against cancer and legal battle against Bayer (now Monsanto) with evidence-based science, Into The Weeds delivers a strong case study on the human and environmental health impacts of weed-killing agent glyphosate.

Our campaign created a high-visibility moment in Brussels as Europe debates glyphosate's continued use, leveraging the film moment and the science behind it to push forward the long campaign to ban glyphosate in the EU.


We elevated protagonist Devi Khadka's platform to new international exposure, empowering her grassroot actions in Nepal and providing new impact creative content to be included in the film.

Our campaign facilitated meetings with high-level influencers and policymakers, got the UN to feature Devi's survivor testimony in a new worldwide CRSV record, and brought her to a key international conference in London where she took the stage to inform globally-gathered decision-makers of what she had achieved.

Too Close

An emotionally vulnerable documentary, Too Close has the potential to tackle the shockingly high rates of child sexual abuse in Europe by breaking down stigma and dominant cultures of victim-blaming and shame.

We licensed the film for the European Commission's Victims' Rights Platform and secured an opportunity for protagonist Andrea to address the platform's members of experts, policymakers and civil society organistaions.


Winner of Sarajevo's CineLink Impact Award 2023, Director Ensar Altay’s latest fiction feature “Kanto” shines new light on the often-overlooked individuals who provide crucial support to their loved ones without formal recognition.

Inspired by the film, Think-Film conducted a survey of international experts in the field of social care work to identify gaps and opportunities in the support of informal carers, informing policy recommendations and shaping the film's marketing.

Peace for Nina

In a country at war, a Ukrainian mother channels her grief into action as she seeks justice for her son's capture and murder at the hands of a Russian mercenary.

With an emotional and inspiring story, Peace for Nina will empower evidence-gathering and prosecution of war crimes in Ukraine.

The Scars of Ali Boulala

The Scars of Ali Boulala is a sobering reality check as we stand in the midst of a worsening global mental health crisis. Ali’s personal story of addiction, grief and recovery brings the discussion of mental health treatment and support to the table.

Inspired by Ali's story, we launched a call-to-action for EU policymakers to include arts therapy within a European Strategy on Mental Health.

Stay alive my son

A groundbreaking VR experience that immersively connects players with the painful experience of family separation through walking in the heartfelt story of Cambodian genocide survivor Pin Yathay, and his search for his long-lost son.

With an expert roundtable, we provided key insights, messaging and high-level connections that have ensured the experience is perceived by audiences as having current socio-political relevance, and that have positioned it as a tool that can help advance on-the-ground family reunification initiatives.

Don’t look up

Inspired by Netflix's "Don't Look Up", we convened a powerful European Parliament mock trial event in December 2022.

With MEPs Ville Niinisto (Greens/EFA), Silvia Modig (The Left) and Michal Wiezik (Renew), climate change experts, indigenous speakers and a special message from Directo Adam Mckay, we brought new attention to the importance of science-based policymaking to protect forests and the environment.

Sorry We Missed You

We were honoured to curate a special screening of this compelling film in the European Parliament for over 200 EU policymakers, followed by a discussion on worker protections in EU policy featuring director Ken Loach and with MEPs Kim van Sparrentak (Greens/EFA) and Stelios Kouloglou (The Left).

How To Save a Dead Friend

Partnering with the European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education (ECArTE), the film has inspired a new initiative for Mutual Recognition of Arts Therapy in the Baltic States.

Seven Grams

The innovative combination of a mobile app combined with the charcoal-style animated film will provide audiences with a compelling story and the tools to demand a global economy that prioritises human rights over corporate profit.

We brought insight and expertise from global experts in supply chain due diligence, forced labour, anti-slavery and child rights, enhancing their creative development.


Ella’s Riot

Norwegian Sámi pop-electronica singer, and environmental activist Ella Marie Haetta Isaksen (23) takes a life-changing journey as she searches for her identity musically, professionally and personally.

We championed Ella's fight to protect her ancestral land from a mining project, featuring the film at a high-level EU-Sámi week event and highlighting the power of film to tell the world about the environmental harm and breaches to human rights that are taking place in Sápmi.

My Enemy My Brother

With the compelling documentary film about two war veterans who met twenty-five years later after the Iran–Iraq War in 1980s, Think-Film added unique value to international decision-making on refugees, religious freedom and minority rights.


This inside look at the human and environmental cost of the technology industry caused Apple to remove a toxic chemical from its iPhone screen cleaning process.

With high-level screenings at the UN and European Parliament, we brought new awareness of health risks faced by workers in China's mobile phone manufacturing industry through exposure to benzene and n-hexane chemicals

Eminent Monsters

The film inspired and informed the 2020 report of Professor Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, to the UN Human Rights Council, bringing new global political attention brought to issue of psychological torture.

The number

After a young protégé's murder confirms a prison gang leader's growing misgivings about his life inside, he joins a reform-minded warden's efforts to improve the prison, eyeing it as a path to early release. Gaining fulfillment and self-worth, he becomes a valued partner in the new changes before explosive gang resistance forces a deadly choice between the gangster he is and the changing man he knows he now is.

72 Hours

A woman’s life has been incomplete ever since her son was wrongfully accused, sentenced to death and executed within a year. From a grieving mother she transforms to a symbol of the struggle against the death penalty. Today, she shares her painful reminiscences with a theater group of 4 young people, all displaced for different reasons. They all gather to poetically process the mother and son’s story, combining documentary theater with media and family archives.

The Energy Within

A short fiction based on the real-life experience of Paralympian Stefanie Reid.


An immersive world created by rapper and music producer HAM the Illustrator that energises us all to become eco-warriors in the Munkination tribe.


After the loss of her son, Svetlana investigates the violent culture of the Belarusian army. A group of friends soon to be enlisted, they go to rave parties and protest march following the re-election of Aleksandr Lukashenko.

La soledad

A vivid and intimate account of the Venezuelan crisis told through the real-life struggle of a young father trying to save his family from the demolition of their home.

A space in time

A candid, lyrical, intimate portrait of one family's struggle to transcend a fatal muscle wasting disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which in turn becomes an unlikely celebration of the disabled life, the life cut short by rare disease.