IMPACT @ Venice Film Festival 2022!

We are VERY EXCITED to be at the Venice Film Festival this year with FOUR important impact projects and events.

NAVALNY launches director Daniel Roher’s impactful art collection

Using social media for political campaigning was a strategy only perfected by Barack Obama when Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny launched his Moscow mayoral election bid using YouTube in 2013. Nine years later, his channel has 2.9 million subscribers, and social media is the world’s primary source of news.

Today, though, social media is trusted almost as much as politicians, which is to say very little. Disinformation, misinformation and slickly-produced propaganda make it hard to discern reality or truth. This plus a global rise in authoritarianism makes the risk to democracy all too real. Individuals like Alexey Navalny who speak up and fight back are a vital source of hope for all who believe in human rights and freedom.

Already infamous at home for his painstaking anti-corruption investigations, Navalny’s integrity, courage and huge personal sacrifices in pursuing a democratic political vision for the people of Russia have today made him an international household name. Acclaimed film director Daniel Roher achieved unprecedented access to Navalny’s thoughts and inner circle to reveal the shocking story behind his attempted murder in the titular CNN Films documentary “Navalny”. Now, Roher’s behind-the-scenes artwork is being impactfully presented.

Within the Biennale framework, the Leblon Art Experience in Venice is featuring an exclusive multimedia exhibition of original artworks by Roher. Developed during the filming of “Navalny”, the pieces document Alexey Navalny’s time in exile and present a view into the dangerous political dynamics that surrounded his near-fatal poisoning, as well as the high tech investigation into who was responsible for it.

An opening vernissage event co-hosted by CNN Films, HBO Max and Think-Film on 5th September, and attended by Roher and others from the film, will present the artwork and showcase film excerpts. A portion of the profits raised from the sale of Roher’s art during the exhibition will go to the Anti-Corruption Foundation associated with Alexey Navalny, to continue their fight against oppression. 

With rising incidents worldwide of journalists and political activists facing imprisonment and even death as they reveal truth and challenge powerful structures, this exhibition and event offers solidarity and support to much urgent work. If you are in Venice and would like to attend, you can get your ticket here

THE TERRITORY receives an award at Better World Forum

Everywhere that the multiple-award-winning National Geographic Documentary film “The Territory” has been shown, audiences have responded. The beauty of the rainforest and the simplicity of the Uru-eu-wau-wau’s desire to protect their home from invaders makes us all want to rise up. 

But as executive producer Txai Surui often says, Indigenous people don’t need audiences to save them; rather, it is they who are saving us. In that spirit we are honoured to welcome to Europe for the very first time Kuaimbú Uru-eu-wau-wau, a young Indigenous activist, to tell us about the Jupaú Surveillance Team and his work documenting invasions, environmental crimes and his culture.

Kuaimbú joins us at the Better World Forum, a high-profile conference in Venice on 8th and 9th September highlighting the vital importance of Earth’s precious resources. The conference is hosted by the Better World Fund, a Paris-based non-profit organisation raising awareness on critical global issues. Kuaimbú will accept the Fund’s prize for Best Achievement in Filmmaking, and join an impact discussion around “The Territory” sponsored by ClientEarth.

The conversation, featuring also Legacy Forum founder Sonia Diop, Indigenous fashion activist Zaya, and award-winning producers Barry Alexander Brown and Sigrid Dyekjaer, will centre on how to empower Indigenous-led monitoring efforts to prevent the ruinous effects of deforestation. 

During his European visit, Kuaimbu will also speak in Brussels, where the film is being shown to policymakers connected to an upcoming European Parliament debate and vote on a proposed Regulation on deforestation-free products. We’re asking for support for Indigenous-led monitoring to be included in the Regulation text, to empower the Jupaú Surveillance Team and other similar programmes across Brazil.

Stay Alive My Son has its World Premiere in Venice Immersive

We are thrilled that visionary director Victoria Bousis is selected to premiere her virtual reality masterpiece “Stay Alive My Son” in the Venice Immersive programme. 

Victoria’s spectacular creativity makes history come alive as she reimagines and invites players to experience the heartbreaking true story of Cambodian genocide survivor Pin Yathay, whose separation from his young son continues to haunt him almost fifty years later. 

With wars in Ukraine and around the world tearing families apart today, this immersive storyscape with its cry for hope and reunification is both timely and compelling; we encourage everyone at Venice to book your slot in the headset now!

Think-Film partners with THE SON by Florian Zeller

Rounding off our Venice activities, Think-Film is partnering for impact with Florian Zeller feature “The Son”, which has its world premiere in the Venice official selection!

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