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Impact Roundup Jan – Feb 2022 : New Adventures

With a new year comes new opportunities for impact … FESTIVALS, WORKSHOPS, ROUNDTABLES, JURIES AND MORE! Think Film’s Directors kickstarted the year by leading workshops and […]

How To Make Film & TV Content That Succeeds

By Danielle Turkov & Amy Shepherd WHEN THEY SEE US. CHERNOBYL. STATELESS. HELP. No-one expected these shows to be hits. They are stories that are difficult and painful to […]

Producers vs Impact Producers? It Should Be Both And Together

By Amy Shepherd & Danielle Turkov UNREAL (2015-2018), an Emmy-nominated US TV drama series that slices open the manipulation, provocation and lies driving production of a […]

Impact Roundup Nov – Dec 2021 : The Year Is A Wrap!

2021 has been another year heavily defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, but with a momentous COP26, a series of workshops and conferences, and key campaign moments, […]

Impact Roundup Sept – Oct 2021 : These Are The Things That Are Happening

As ever, a busy couple of months at Think-Film! In quick-form, here’s what we’ve been up to. FESTIVALS We met the wonderful people of ESODOC 2021 […]

COP26 : Stories are what link the podium and the pavement

By Amy Shepherd, TFIP Global Impact Director As the world’s eyes turn to the 26th Global Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, we call on […]

Impact Needs Animating

By Amy Shepherd & Yik Kei Leung Freed from the laws of reality, animators have a unique imaginative licence to create fantastical new worlds and visualise […]

Impact Roundup Post-Summer 2021 : Much To Report

Recent months have flown by and so many things have happened – which explains why this impact roundup is rather late and covers half the year! […]

Impact Futures Part 3 – Impact Is More Than Docs

By Danielle Turkov and Amy Shepherd This post is part of our series on the industry of impact. Impact in film isn’t an optional extra, a […]
Impact Futures Part 3 – Impact Is More Than Docs
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