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We believe that storytelling can change policy


Innovation Olympics 2020 Winner

Artistic Visions Category

Cannes impACT

2021 Pioneers


Who We Are

A market-leading impact media company with specialist expertise at the cutting-edge intersection of film and policy.


We are innovators pioneering impact production across the film value chain.

We are creative visionaries taking visual media to new levels of engagement and impact.

We are strategic experts who use art to inspire and deliver tangible, measurable change at both grassroots and international political levels.


What We Do


We partner with established and emerging artists and filmmakers to co-produce top-quality feature films, documentaries, VR/AR experiences and other creative content that addresses social and political issues.


We use our specialist understanding of the need for compelling narratives in political advocacy to create the market for social impact media.


We curate bespoke political impact campaigns which bring high-level stakeholders together in dynamic new ways, energise conversations on social justice issues and deliver real results for people on the ground.


We leverage our extensive political, academic, business, civil society and media networks to maximise film impact influence, issue revenue and financial return.


Our Impact Results


Our strategic impact campaigns connect with national, regional and international policy agendas in dynamic new ways and drive forward concrete decisions, commitments and outcomes that bring measurable, lasting change to global situations.


Our top 3 impact results:

Accelerated European chemicals protection to a full PFAS ban (Hollywood feature “Dark Waters” feat. Mark Ruffalo – Participant Media)

Gave a human focus to European political debate on artificial intelligence, steering the conversation from ethics to human rights regulation (“iHUMAN”)

Put Syria peacebuilding back on the political agenda by giving film protagonist Dr. Amani Ballour a lasting high-profile speaking platform (Oscar-nominated “The Cave” – National Geographic)


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