Think-Film Impact Production (TFIP) is a European-based creative impact consultancy and film production company that harnesses the powerof visual storytelling to drive forward positive social change.


Who We Are

We are a unique team of specialists passionate about changing the world through film.

Our innovative work model harnesses the power of 2D film, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to enrich and amplify compelling socio-political narratives, emotionally connect people with global issues and activate grassroots and high-level political engagement.


What We Do

Access, Partner &


Develop, Create &

Inspire, Drive &


Empower, Promote &



We partner with established and emerging filmmakers to produce and promote feature films, documentaries and VR/AR experiences that address social and political issues.

We use our specialist understanding of the need for compelling narratives in political advocacy to create the market for social impact media.

We leverage our extensive academic, policy, NGO and media networks to curate bespoke impact campaigns which maximise our projects’ visibility, profile and influence.


Impact Arenas