Core Team

Danielle Turkov Wilson

Founder & CEO

Danielle’s creative passion and specialist experience in political engagement provide the binding thread so vital to TFIP’s vision and success. Before founding TFIP, she advised the European Parliament Intergroup on Freedom of Religion or Belief, liaising with the European External Action Service, and spearheaded many projects on radicalisation. This, combined with her involvement in providing a platform for women, youth, religious minorities and refugees sparked her vision to revitalise creative mediums to empower socio-political progress. Danielle's desire is to see films used as visual policy briefs, propelling emotional, lasting narratives.

Amy Shepherd

Chief Operating Officer

Amy leads TFIP's global strategy and every aspect of impact campaigns. She brings a wide range of legal and policy experience to TFIP, having worked in the UK, The Philippines and at the EU on justice issues spanning prisoner rights, modern slavery, free speech, freedom of religion or belief and digital rights and data privacy. Her vision is for film to creatively inspire collaborative policymaking at national, regional and international levels.

Cliff Wilson

Vision, Risk and Strategy Expert

Cliff has extensive experience in professional skills training, business and political strategy as well as film marketing. A Professional Coach, he also works supporting staff development and goal achievement.

Thomas Walsh

Senior Impact Strategist

Thomas joined Think-Film in 2017 and has an educational background and passion for languages, linguistics and culture. He brings this experience and passion to filmmakers to design creative and ambitious impact campaigns. ------------------ Impact Film Pick: ‘Samba’ by Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, a film which inspired and energised Thomas to campaign to support refugees and immigrants.

Yik Kei Leung

Impact Strategist

Yik Kei is a Geography graduate from Hong Kong, enthusiastic to make a positive change in the world. Passionate about the power of film, Yik Kei has worked with various charities and organisations on a range of issues from sustainability to education. ------------------ Impact Film Pick: 'The Killing Fields' by Roland Joffé led Yik Kei to campaign and fundraise for education in rural Cambodia

Ugnė Pilkionytė

Impact Strategist

Ugne joins us from Lithuania, bringing experience in EU mechanisms and a desire to lift policy off the page.

Advisory Board - new announcements coming soon...

Dr Dwayne Menezes

Advisory Board Chair


Dwayne co-founded TFIP and was the early driving force behind its excellent relations with policy makers in the UK and beyond. He is also the Founder and Director of two London-based think-tanks, Human Security Centre (HSC) and Polar Research and Policy Initiative (PRPI), that together manage vast international academic, policy, NGO and media networks and work regularly with the Commonwealth, UN, EU, OECD, Arctic Council, Nordic Council and other intergovernmental bodies as well as member governments.

Clients & Partners