The Energy Within (2018)

Based on the real-life experience of Paralympian Stefanie Reid and weaving fact with fiction, the short film The Energy Within explores a woman’s journey to find the strength to follow her dream of becoming a pro athlete.

Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Samuel de Ceccatty, The Energy Within emotionally showcases the potential of sport as a means of empowerment and inclusion, and highlights the valuable role it can play in fostering development and peace.

TFIP has been integral in increasing The Energy Within's profile and helping it reach an international policy-focused audience.

Disabilities Impact

In April 2018, TFIP arranged for The Energy Within to be screened in the UK House of Lords during a high-level annual dialogue on the Commonwealth, Sport and Disability.

Following the screening, an expert panel chaired by Lord Chidgey, co-Chair of the Commonwealth All-Party Parliamentary Group in the UK Parliament, discussed the importance of sport and para-sport in the Commonwealth, the role of the Commonwealth in the development of the international para-sport movement, and the potential of sport for integration, empowerment, development and peace. Conclusions and recommendations from the panel were compiled and forwarded to the Commonwealth Sports for Development and Peace Programme.

In May 2018, TFIP partnered with Belgian MEP Helga Stevens, Co-President of the the Disability Intergroup in the European Parliament, to host a screening event in the European Parliament (pictured). A politically-focused panel discussed the EU's role in defending the rights of persons with disabilities, reflecting in particular on the need for political action on enhancing media coverage of para-athletes, ensuring sporting opportunities for disabled communities and challenging the extent to which sporting events should completely differentiate between disabled and able-bodied athletes.

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