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Issues: Technology, Environment, Business and Human Rights especially re. Supply Chains

The Cave (2019)

TFIP partnered with National Geographic to develop a global impact campaign for this powerful film.

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Issues: Artificial Intelligence

iHUMAN (2019)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is possibly the most powerful technology of our time. It has the potential to solve humanity’s biggest challenges yet some fear AI will be our downfall. iHUMAN follows pioneers at the frontline of the race to develop the ever more sophisticated AI to find the questions we need to ask at this crucial point in history.

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Eminent Monsters (2019)

A feature documentary aiming to redefine torture across UN Member States

My Enemy, My Brother (2015)

Issues: Freedom of Religion or Belief, Refugees, Integration

My Enemy, My Brother (2015)

The Oscar shortlisted documentary My Enemy, My
Brother tells the emotional true story of Zahed and
Najah, former enemies who became blood brothers
after one saved the other's life on the
Iran-Iraq battlefield, and who reconnected after a
chance encounter more than two decades later.

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The Number

Issues: Prison Reform

The Number (2017)

A high-ranking member of South Africa's most notorious
prison gang questions his loyalty to the group after a
young recruit is brutally murdered.

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Dark Waters

Issues: Toxic Chemicals

Dark Waters (2020)


Issues: Technology, Environment, Business and Human Rights especially re. Supply Chains

Complicit (2017)

The compelling feature documentary Complicit shines
a spotlight on the human and environmental cost of the
technology industry, telling the stories of workers who have
been poisoned making the devices we can’t live without.

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La Soledad

Issues: Venezuelan crisis, Latin American politics

La Soledad (2016)

Combining sharp social critique with the offbeat poetry of
magical realism, the award-winning drama La Soledad
offers a vivid and engaging account of the Venezuelan
crisis told through the real-life struggle of a young father
trying to save his family from the demolition of their home.

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Energy Within

Issues: Disability, Inclusion

The Energy Within (2018)

Based on the real-life experience of Paralympian Stefanie
Reid, the short film The Energy Within explores a woman’s
journey to find the strength to follow her dream of
becoming a pro athlete.

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We partner with experts using cutting-edge technology to innovate in inclusive storytelling media.

IN-Visible VR

Disabilities VR with CBM International


Disabilities VR project under development

We build capacity in the creative industries to engage with policy deliberations and discussions.

Burkina Faso

FoRB and creativity to combat violent radicalism

Burkina Faso (October 2018)

TFIP partnered with the EU Commission to prepare and run a
two-day workshop for creative industry professionals on the
impact of arts, culture and freedom of religion or belief in
preventing violent radicalism.

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VR Panel

France (May 2018)

TFIP Director Danielle Turkov spoke by invitation
on a panel at Cannes Film Festival on the role of Virtual Reality productions in socio-political impact.


Professional Skills Development

Greece (August 2018)

TFIP partnered with 1976km and Rough Cut Media to run
four days of workshops for refugees in Lesvos,
Greece, on digital, media and professional skills development.

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VR Panel

Belgium (2019)

TFIP Director Danielle Turkov partners with Grigorij Richters creating a campaign to save 1000 children in European refugee camps.

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