Impact Roundup July – September : A Post-Summer Surge

2020 continues to be full of surprises. After a relatively quiet summer, our impact work has kicked back into full action in September as we’ve partnered with new films, advanced our ongoing projects and received an unexpected bonus!

Innovation Challenge Winner!

Think-Film has been selected as a winner of the World in 2050 Innovation Challenge, Future of Artistic Visions category! We’re so proud to be included in an outstanding cohort of businesses and organisations tackling the world’s most complex problems and leading the transformation of society.

New Impact Projects

We’re pleased to announce new impact partnerships with two powerful upcoming documentary films on illegal tiger trading and powering the planet with poo:

TIGER MAFIA takes viewers on an incredibly compelling undercover journey into warlord and triad-controlled regions of Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam to show how the planet’s favourite animal is being heartlessly and systematically speed-bred and traded for parts in a cross-border trade masterminded by kingpin criminal players. Over a nine-year period, filmmaker and award-winning conservation photographer Karl Ammann has infiltrated top trafficking syndicates and gained access to major crime hubs and underworlds. His riveting film reveals tigers’ tragic journeys to cages, freezers, lawless street markets and hidden online platforms. We’ll be taking this film to the EU, UN and beyond, continuing Karl’s determined fight for transparency and justice.

Are you shitting comfortably? From feeding the world to slowing the climate crisis, HOLY SHIT breaks the taboo of speaking about human excrement, and shows ways out of the dead end of flush and forget. In times of a growing world population, we need to reconsider how bio-waste can be a resource; powering, rather than polluting, the planet. Director Rubén Abruña goes on a quirky and playful investigative quest to look for the future of clean energy and regenerative waste options. Along the way, he meets experts in different arenas who give him answers on how we can use bio-waste to deal with the challenges of global food security, environmental protection, hygiene and global warming. We’re so excited by how this film can break taboos of talking about poo and can’t wait to share more with you all.

Film Updates

The incredible team behind THE CAVE continue to receive well-deserved recognition. Syrian cinematographers Muhammed Khair Al Shami, Ammar Suleiman and Mohammed Eyad won the Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography for a Nonfiction Program, and Producers Sigrid Dyekjaer and Kirstine Barfod won the Emmy for Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking. We’re honoured to work with them all.

Dr Amani and Feras Fayyad were also presented with awards for Best Commitment and Best Director by the Monaco Better World Forum at a special gala held in the margins of the Venice Film Festival. The Forum generously celebrated Dr. Amani and Feras’s contributions to humanity, and raised vital awareness and support for the Al Amal (Hope) Fund.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been busy gathering momentum around SEVEN GRAMS, an innovative augmented reality storytelling app from investigative journalist Karim Ben Khelifa. Earlier this month, we convened a virtual impact development roundtable with key civil society organisations working on human rights issues around mineral extraction, supply chains and child labour, which shared exclusive trailer materials and discussed in depth the strategy for how we can use this powerful tool to bring about real positive change in electronics global supply and for people involved on the ground in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Watch this space for more updates as the project progresses towards launch early next year!

With all this activity, we’re expecting a busy autumn ahead! As always, follow us on Social Media to keep up: Twitter/Insta @TFIPFilms, Facebook Think-Film Impact Production