Artificial Intelligence (AI) today is largely designed to perform narrow, specific tasks, but as data input and computing power increase, the world faces an AI revolution.

At this turning point in history, very few people truly understand AI’s full potential or can see clearly what is coming our way. iHUMAN goes inside the booming AI industry to explore the opportunities and challenges AI presents, investigate the dilemmas experts face as they drive this technology forward, and examine what impact AI is having and will have on the world and our humanity.

The film showcases the positive social impact AI can bring, including optimising healthcare and driving forward progress on the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and Sustainable Development Goals, asks if is possible to effectively regulate AI, and evaluates concerns about the possible misuse of AI, with a particular focus on how fast AI development is forging ahead of existing legal and ethical standards.

By giving voice to experts in the AI industry, iHUMAN sheds light on the important issues AI raises. As machines get smarter and what it means to be human is changing, the film asks: How does AI impact who we are as people? How can we make sure global tech companies develop AI that is safe and for the common good? What goals and values should we program into AI systems?

What do you think governments should do to support responsible AI?

TFIP has been involved with iHuman since its inception. TFIP Executive Director Danielle Turkov co-produced the film, and TFIP facilitated high-level policy events impacting film development throughout 2019 at Berlinale Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival and at the British Embassy in Paris, with speakers exploring the need for greater corporate transparency, regulation and accountability in AI development.

Speakers included:

Paul Nemitz, Principal Adviser in the European Commission & Member of the Data Ethics Commission appointed by the German Government

Irakli Beridze, Head of the UN Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 

Guido Brinkel, Head of Regulatory Policy at Microsoft

Julie Brill, Microsoft Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Global Privacy and Regulatory Affairs

Leil Zahra, Tactical Technology Collective

Nada Al Nashif, UNESCO

Tonje Hessen Schei, iHUMAN Director.

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